It all started with cookies.

My mom says that she had an unquenchable craving for oatmeal raisin cookies while pregnant with me, if that says anything about me. Some of my strongest childhood memories are of cooking (well, more like getting underfoot while cooking occurred). The Joy of Cooking, Vegetarian Epicure and Silver Palate were the foundations to my culinary education, behind the stove and at the table. Mom was a vegetarian for a long time before having children, and has said she only began cooking meat once my sister and I were born, as she was worried about a balanced diet for us. Eating meat was never a great love for me, just kind of the way things were, but I eventually found my way to vegetarianism myself, as any previous interest in cooking and consuming meat waned in college and my late 20s. I was lucky enough to find a great woman who spent much of her life vegetarian, and we moved towards a meat-free diet after getting married. Cutting out dairy and eggs was the next step, and we said our misty-eyed farewells to cream sauces, hard cheeses and many of the confections I had spent years making.

Or so we thought. 

Old habits - and cravings - die hard. Almost immediately, I began seeking out plant-based substitutes for butter and eggs with which to make cookies. I found myself daydreaming about different ways to convert all sorts of traditional recipes to plant-based versions. My wife Meghan suggested that I blog about it, and here we are. I’ve got the time, energy, and questionable good looks. Let’s get cooking.

-Scott/The Spoon + Shovel