Swiss Chard and Onion Cashew Cream Quiche [V, GF option]

Swiss chard, onion and cashew cream quiche from The Spoon + Shovel

My mother has a row of gigantic swiss chard in her garden, and offered some to us when we visited recently. I had never cooked with it, but wanted to try my hand at another type of vegan quiche, so I took some and started planning. I previously posted a tofu-based quiche recipe, and wanted to give cashew cream a try on its own this time. I was floored by how well the cashew worked as a quiche filling, and will be using it again as soon as we polish off this one.

Swiss chard, onion and cashew cream quiche from The Spoon + Shovel

½ C. non-dairy butter
1 C. flour (GF option here)
Ice water
Cashew cream:
1 ½ C. raw cashew pieces, soaked for 2+ hrs OR microwaved 3 min
2 T. nutritional yeast
2 T. olive oil
Juice of one lemon, ~4 T.
2 T. fresh basil (a small handful)
2 t. fresh oregano
½ - ¾ C. vegetable stock (recipe here)
~1 t. freshly ground black pepper
~1 t. sea salt
1 medium onion, chopped
2 ½ C. swiss chard, chopped
2 T. olive oil
⅓ C. dry white wine
½ t. fresh thyme
¼ t. freshly grated nutmeg
½ C. coconut milk 

Prep time: 30-40 min
Cook time: 35-50 min
Yield: one 9” quiche, ~8 servings

-Measure out 1 ½ C. cashew pieces into a bowl and cover with water.
-Soak on the counter or in the fridge for 2 hours (or overnight), or microwave for 3 min then let cool while you make the crust.
-Combine butter and flour in a large mixing bowl with a pastry blender or knife. When the dough is crumbly, add a small amount of ice water and continue mixing, adding a bit more water if needed; I always err on the side of less water, as it’s a nightmare to roll out if too wet. 
-Transfer to a floured sheet of wax paper, twice as long as it is wide. Roll out, adding more flour as needed, and put in the fridge until it’s time to assemble.
-Preheat oven to 375 F. 
-Heat a large pan on the stove to medium-high heat. 
-Chop the onion and chard into bite-sized pieces.
-Cook onions with 2 T. olive oil until translucent and beginning to brown, 3-5 min.
-Add the chard, thyme and white wine. Toss for a few minutes to wilt the leaves and soften the stems, then remove from the heat and top with nutmeg.
-Drain the cashews and place in a blender or food processor with the nutritional yeast, olive oil, lemon juice, basil, oregano, salt and pepper.
-Pulse to combine roughly, then begin adding vegetable stock. Process until creamy and very smooth, adding additional salt and pepper to taste.
-Remove crust from the fridge and place in your pie pan. 
-Add the veggies first, then cover with the cashew cream.
-Pour the coconut milk in a general spiral pattern on top and place in the center rack of your oven. 
-Bake for 35-50 min or until the crust is golden brown and the filling is noticeably firm and lightly browned. 
-Remove from the oven and let cool for 5-10 min before serving.