Easy Hot Sauce Cashews [V, GF]

Easy hot sauce cashews from The Spoon + Shovel

A local Akron store sells spicy cashews and Meghan suggested I make some for us at home over the holidays. This is about as easy as recipes come: 2 ingredients and an oven! 

Prep time: 1-2 hr
Cook time: 30-45 min
Yield: 2 C. nuts

2 C. whole raw cashews
¼ C. hot sauce (we used Louisiana Hot Sauce http://www.louisianapepper.com/, but any similar sauce works)

-Place the cashews in a wide, shallow bowl.
-Cover with hot sauce and set aside for 1-2 hr.
-Preheat oven to 200 F.
-Scoop cashews out of the remaining hot sauce and place on a baking sheet or dish.
-Bake for 30-45 min or until cashews are cooked through and beginning to brown slightly. Remove from the oven and let cool for 10 min before snacking.

Easy hot sauce cashews from The Spoon + Shovel